Some famous places to visit in Matheran

Charlotte Lake

The area is popular for picnics and boating

Panorama Point

A panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys can be enjoyed

Echo Point

Known for its multiple echos, where sound echoes over and over

Alexander Point

Beautiful sunsets and mountain views can be enjoyed from here

Louisa Point

Rajmachi Fort and the Western Ghats can be seen from here

One Tree Hill Point

The hilltop offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area and is known for its single tree

Porcupine Point

With its panoramic views and porcupine population, this site is known .

Matheran Toy Train

The narrow-gauge railway connecting Neral to Matheran is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rambaug Point

Known for its large open spaces and panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Prabal Fort

It is a historical fort that offers views of the surrounding area.

Khandala Point

Known for its scenic sunset views, it offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

Malang Point

Panorama views of the surrounding areas and a beautiful sunset are its highlights.

Monkey Caves

It has cave-like structures and is home to many monkeys as well.