Mandu Tourist Places

Tourist Attraction in Mandu Madhya Pradesh

Mandu Tourist Places


Tourist Attraction in Mandu : Mandu fort is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Mandu city. This place is the most beautiful place located in Mandu city. It is a huge complex including Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jal Mahal, Taveli Mahal, Hindu Baori, and Champa Baori, as well as a lake. The buildings are stunning.


Roopmati Mahal

Mandu city’s most prominent tourist destination is the Rupmati Palace, located in the Vindhyachal mountain range.

Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur are still remembered throughout India for the tales of their eternal love.

The legend goes that Rupmati was born to a farmer and singer, which made King Bahadur fall in love with her voice and construct Rupmati Mahal for her.

Rewa Kund

Located near the Roopmati palace in Mandu, Rewa Kund is historically significant.

According to legend, this reservoir was built for the purpose of supplying water to the Roopmati palace.

Many villages used this pool for carrying water later on. Today it is a tourist attraction.

Jahaj Mahal

The Jahaz Mahal is one of the palaces in Mandu. It is believed that the palace is situated between two artificial lakes. Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji constructed this palace in the 15th century.


Hindola mahal

It is said that the hindola mahal was used as an audience hall or outdoor theatre. It is now one of Mandu’s most popular tourist attractions. In comparison with other palaces, the hindola mahal has a very unique architecture. Sandstone was used for the construction of this palace, which was made on site.

Asharfi Mahal

Asharfi Mahal is another historical tourist place in Mandu. This also used to be a beautiful palace. But now it has completely turned into ruins and the tomb of Mahmud Khilji can be seen inside this palace. Here the broken parts of the palace are found to be seen.

Champa Babri

Rupayan Museum

Garden Caves


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