Mount Abu – The only hill station of Rajasthan

Tourist Places in Mount Abu – The only hill station of Rajasthan

Mount Abu – The only hill station of Rajasthan located at  southwester end of the Aravalli ranges closes to Gujarat border.

Specialty – Rich in flora and fauna, spiritual importance for both Hindu and Jains because of more than 50 temples in the town.

Important temples-

Delwara temple – built b/w 400 to 1000 yrs. ago as per people.


Nakki Lake –

Nakki Lake Mount Abu
Nakki Lake Mount Abu

As per people it was constructed by the nails of Hindu god. This lake is surrounded by parks.

Sunset Point


This Point is a popular place to watch sunset which is 2 km away from the main town.

Delwara Temples

Delwara is about 3km north of Mt Abu town. Constructed in between 11th and 13th century. this is main temple for Jain peoples.


Located at the northeast end of the Mt Abu plateau and at 1722-meter-high from sea level. There is a bell which is almost more than 1000 years old.


There is an idol of a cow in the premises of this temple, from whose head a stream of water flows naturally, that is why this place is known as Gaumukh temple. You have to climb 700 steps to reach here.

Best time to come –

Summer is the best time to visit Mount Abu, try to avoid the peak time like Diwali when prices are very high as well as the town is also packed.

How to reach Mount Abu?

By road

There are good road connections from any place to Mount Abu, so you can drive there and visit Mount Abu. We visited Mount Abu by road.

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